Use this quick guide to get started with Flowitall. If you still need help, submit a support ticket by visiting the template listing and clicking on the support tab.

Customizing styles

Flowitall is built with a global style guide that makes it really easy to customize colors and typography. You can make changes on the Style Guide page and watch your changes reflected across the whole template.

Check out the videos from Webflow University below to learn how to customize styles to your liking.

Changing global swatches:

Styling HTML tags to customize typography:


CMS Collections

There are 5 collection types available to create dynamic content:

  1. Topics - collections of articles
  2. Articles - individual articles, with optional featured videos
  3. Courses - collections of sequential articles/videos
  4. Lessons - individual lesson content, to be grouped into courses
  5. Changelogs - ongoing log of updates to your website or app

Overview of creating/editing dynamic content:

Custom code powerups

You don't need to know custom code to use Flowitall, but it comes with some elements that require custom code to work. Simply copy & paste the provided code, while following step-by-step tutorials.


Flowitall includes page templates for various "app-like" functionality, but does not include any functionality for signing up for a service, resetting passwords, membership login, live chat, or depositing additional cookies.

Any functionality like this would require advanced custom code to work.